Listen. Just Listen!

Really, it’s so easy.  Just listen.  Don’t talk, don’t butt in, don’t think about what you’re going to say.  Just listen!  That is all.

How to REALLY Listen by Jesse Lyn Stoner.


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The Arts in Libraries

To me, libraries, perhaps especially public libraries, are natural spaces for the arts, and it is natural for libraries to partner with artists, whether performing or visual artists.

This article (Huffington Post) showcases 5 ways libraries cultivate community art.  Perhaps you’ll want to try these in your library if you haven’t already, or perhaps you’ll think of some other way to showcase the arts.

Because, you know, the arts aren’t just a frill.  They enrich our lives.  Much like libraries do.

music grouppainting


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Autumn Days. . .

Today’s is one of those “bits and pieces” posts.

I just got back from a long weekend in Door County (Wisconsin.)  I go nearly every year in September with a group of women who all have some sort of connection to libraries.  We had a great trip this year, including seeing some colorful autumn leaves.

fallSpeaking of autumn leaves, we go for a drive around this time every year to view them.  Do you?  Do you get reference questions about fall color tours?  Do you consult sites like this Fall Color Report? See, I’m not a “real” librarian anymore, but I know where to find info.

And speaking of finding information, a very good friend just texted me to find out if she needs to get a new driver’s license in order to vote this year.  As you may have heard, here in Wisconsin we are having a “voter ID” requirement take effect for the first time this year.  As a good librarian, and an informed citizen, I was able to answer her question and point her to the info she needs.

voteAnd in other news, the online course I’m teaching this fall opened yesterday.  I’m pleased to have a great group of students this year—most of them are already introducing themselves and diving into the course content.

So, the fall colors, the ability to provide friends with information, and a promising start to my course, are all making for a good day for me.  I hope you’re having a good one too.

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Change is Hard–Do It Right

I’ve written about change before.  We all encounter change daily—in our personal lives, at work, and libraries are no different.  I think we can all use advice on dealing with change.  And those of you who lead organizations or groups can no doubt use advice on helping others to make changes with you.  Changing Something? Start it Right offers that excellent advice for you.

I especially like the Reasons Not to Change graphic, and this quote: “It’s your idea. But ownership by others comes through being allowed to use one’s own ideas for the implementation.” You have to help them overcome all of those reasons not to change, and come to endorse the change, as if the idea were their own.

Good luck!

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Not Quite There Yet? Here’s Good Advice!

Starting a new job isn’t exactly easy.  But, you can find some tips to help make those days less difficult in How to Appear Like You Got it Together (When You Feel Like a Wreck).  Even if you’re not starting a new job, there’s good tips here for anytime you’re feeling over your head.



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Let’s Have a Party!

So, with today being our 25th wedding anniversary, I am thinking about celebrations.  Which makes me think about creative use of library spaces.  I’ve been hearing and reading more and more about weddings and other celebrations in libraries, and I know of at least two couples who have gotten married in libraries.  We are both librarians, but it never occurred to us to get married in one.  I think it’s a great idea!


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Illegal Downloads and Libraries–This is Important!

Do you worry about people downloading illegally at your library?  Have you heard of libraries getting fined because someone has downloaded something illegally?  Do you use filters to keep users from certain sites where they might download something illegally?

Okay, here’s the really important thing:  “because of a provision in the copyright law, third parties (like the library) cannot be held liable for the actions of their users.”  So, if you do get served with a cease and desist notice, don’t pay that fine!  Instead, point to your liability protection under the copyright law.

Read My Conversation With a Copyright Troller to learn more.


Carrie Russell, ALA Director of the Program on Public Access to Information in the Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP), knows what she’s talking about.  I’ve heard her speak and she is probably one of the foremost authorities on copyright, and she speaks and writes in ways the rest of us can understand.

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