It’s a Hot One!

hotWell, boys and girls, it’s nearing the end of August, and although most people would say it’s “warm,” I say it’s hot.  I am not tied to a school year, and in fact, since I’m retired, I’m not really tied to any kind of “calendar.”  Still, late August gets me thinking about summer ending and getting “back”. . .  to what, I’m not sure.

If you’re in a school or academic setting, how is your library preparing for the new school year?  If you’re in a public library, you’re probably experiencing the transition from summer reading programs and events to a focus more on school year programs and focus for youth.

However you’re spending these last days of August, enjoy and celebrate them.  For those of us in the Midwest, it means my favorite season, autumn, is not far behind.  And that is something to celebrate!




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You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours

Admit it, sometimes you need help from your colleagues, no matter what profession you’re in.

So read Building Alliances at Work for some tips on how to get others to want to help you.

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Friday Fun

For your Friday reading pleasure, I share with you this story of Elsie Eiler, the ONLY resident of her tiny Nebraska village.  The link to libraries is tangential—but she is the town librarian (as well as the mayor, bartender,. . . you get the idea.)

I see that she pays taxes to herself, and secures state funding for the villages four street lights.  I hope some of those taxes go to support the library!

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How Kind are Your Library Spaces?

When I do a presentation about customer service, one of things I always recommend is walking through your library and thinking like a customer.

Here’s a great post on that: Examining Library Spaces Through a Kindness Audit.  (Thanks, Library Dude!)

I’ll be interested to hear the results of your kindness audits!

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Another Look at Managing

I talk a lot about leadership and management.  I share a lot of posts about the topic on Facebook and Twitter.  I am currently involved in a mentoring program for emerging leaders in Wisconsin libraries.

But not everyone is meant to be a leader, in the traditional sense.  In order for there to be leaders, they must have followers—they must have someone to lead.  In libraries, we do have leaders, whether they are the library director, department head, or some other type of supervisors.  And we have lots of other staff members, or people you might traditionally think of as followers.

But here’s the thing. Even if you aren’t a manager, you DO need to manage.  Sometimes you need to “manage” your boss.  This is often called “managing up.”

Some people think “managing up” is about manipulating your boss or managing her perceptions, but it’s not. It’s about working with your boss in the way that will produce the best possible results for your team, while at the same time making both your and your manager’s lives easier.

Well, that makes sense, doesn’t it? So, how can you do it well? Reading Six Key Principles of “Managing Up” for Better Results at Work (the Fast Track) is a great place to start.

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A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea (reposted from American Libraries).

Libraries have long . . . provided public forums for book discussion, long before talk-show host Oprah Winfrey renewed interest in book clubs in 1996. . . .

In our more modern, connected, and ever-busy age, however, traditional library book clubs have been undergoing a quiet revolution. Lack of time, scheduling conflicts, mobility issues, desire for anonymity, and other factors have moved the conversation online—namely onto social media.


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Clear Communication in a Fast Paced World

We’ve become a world that communicates in two-minute sound bites and 140 characters, but how can anyone expect you to explain complex information so quickly and concisely? Well, they do – and you can.

Read 6 Ways to Clearly Communicate Complex Information (the Fast Track) to learn more!


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