Wishing for Peace

On a day for remembering the people who died while serving in the armed forces, I am also wishing for peace. For all of us.

PeaceHappy Memorial Day. Peace.

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Libraries Can Help

Libraries help their communities in numerous ways every day.  At least they should. Good libraries do. Continue reading

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Take Me to Your Leader!

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How About a Little Romance?

There’s nothing wrong with romance. Though not everyone’s romance looks the same, there’s really nothing wrong with it. Continue reading

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In Honor of Mothers Everywhere

Just sharing this from Huffington Post, one day late for Mother’s Day. Continue reading

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Failure = Success!

It seems appropriate to follow up the last post about being successful with this one about how successful people handle failure. Continue reading

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Yes, I’d Like to be Successful

Yes, I’d like to be successful. Wouldn’t you?

So I’m always on the lookout for tips to be more successful. ribbon-medal-red-blue-monsterbraingames Continue reading

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Library Photo of the Month–May 2015

Nashville Public Library

This month’s library photos of the month are of the Nashville (TN) Public Library.

Nashville Public Library
The above is an interior shot. Isn’t it pretty?

Nashville Public Library
I was impressed with this signage in the Gallery, a space for displaying public art.

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Give Me an “i”!

iSchool? What’s that? i

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the institution which granted my Master’s degree.  Specifically, what was then called the School of Library and Information Science,  Continue reading

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Forgive Yourself. Make it Right. Move On.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that we are all only human. tensionWe make mistakes. Would that it weren’t so, but. . . there you are. So, what do you do when you make that mistake at work, and get “called on the carpet,” so to speak? Continue reading

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