Helping Hands

Libraries are here to do so many things. One of them, as I’ve told you before, is to help, not only those looking for information, but those in need. Continue reading

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Information is Powerful

In libraries, we care about information. We oppose efforts to limit, or censor access, to information. But sometimes we struggle with what to do about bad information, or misinformation. You might even think of this kind of thing as “fake news” or “alternative facts.” Continue reading

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That’s Why It’s Called SOCIAL Media

For the most part, libraries aren’t “selling” facebook likethings, but we do strive to promote ourselves, what we offer, and our value to the communities we serve. Continue reading

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Library Photo of the Month–May 2017

Tucked inside the village hall you can find the bustling New Glarus Public Library.


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Leading from the Middle

followGood libraries are led by good leaders. But there are also leaders who are not always at the “top.”

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No Words

On April 10 we said goodbye forever to our beautiful girl. She is no longer in pain. I have no more words.

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What Does it Mean?

How many languages can you speak?





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We call it “Information Literacy”

Wondering if things you’re hearing and reading these days are real or “fake”? (or as I like to call the “fake” things, “propaganda.”) Look no further than your local library.

We have always helped our users to evaluate the material they are reading and hearing. We call this Information Literacy.

I know you will want to read more about this in Can Librarians Help Solve the Fake News Problem? from (Spoiler alert: the answer is YES! But you have to do some of the work yourself, too.)

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Library Photo of the Month–April 2017

This month takes us to Plain, a small village in Sauk County, a little less than an hour northwest of Madison.


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Dog Love

In a slight departure from the theme of libraries, management, and self-improvement, today’s post is about our precious dog, Afton.

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