Word Choice

I almost forgot to write any posts for the week. Luckily I keep a file of things I’ve read that I want to share with you.

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Friends Indeed

Many public libraries, as well as some academic libraries have what we call “Friends of the Library” groups. (Other types of libraries may have them too!) These Friends can lend a library a helping hand in many ways. hands







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Library Photo of the Month–February 2016

This month it is the Middleton (WI) Public Library.

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The Nation’s Libraries in Photos

I delighted in the beautiful book The Public Library, A Photographic Essay, put together by talented photographer Robert Dawson.  photographer Continue reading

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Helicopter Bosses?

helicopterI’ve heard of helicopter parents, who “hover” over their children, doing things children can (and should) do for themselves, but I had never heard of helicopter bosses. Continue reading

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Libraries Care About Privacy

privacyLibraries care about your privacy. They really do. It’s one of our core values. It always has been, long before this crazy thing called the internet came along, and long before companies knew just about everything about you, and hackers could expose online users’ personal information.


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Let’s Collaborate

Though I extol the virtues of collaboration all the time, it’s clear I still have a lot to learn. puzzle


I’ll be spending time with Jesse Lyn Stoner’s What is Collaboration and Where Does it Begin? soon. I always learn a lot from Jesse—a good thing, because I’ve got room to grow on this one.

If you believe in collaboration, as I do, you might want to take a look.

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A Life in Libraries in 2015

Yet another “end of year” post. It was fun to see A Life in Libraries “annual report.”

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Library Photo of the Month–January 2016

So, Happy New Year, and all that stuff. I am trying to get used to writing “2016” instead of “2015.” This month I am using another one of my friend Ben’s photos.

montclair nj

Photo courtesy of Ben Miller, The Jockey Box. http://thejockeybox.com/

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2015 in Library-land

Here and here are two of the stories floating around about the top 10 library stories in 2015 (and not surprisingly, there’s some overlap).  Cheers!

See you in 2016.

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