I Had a Go

These are tough times for libraries. We’ve been through tough times before and we will be again. IMG_0504But we do need to think about the tough times, how libraries can survive, and how to convince the powers that be to fund them.

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A Librarian Makes History

Have you ever heard of the Library of Congress?

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Trust Me

Trust is like a bank account. You start a new relationship with a certain amount of trust, and then over time you add to that account to build a solid foundation.

–Jesse Lyn Stoner “The 4 Dimensions of Trust

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What Can We Do?

My heart is heavy.

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Do You Have What it Takes?

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Another “Fourth” Has Come and Gone

And I feel the need to re-share this post from 2014:

Look, I like fireworks as much as anybody (although I shouldn’t–they aren’t good for the environment), but I have to say I’m not very comfortable with the July 4 emphasis on militarism and American superiority.

When the rights of, and respect for, women, gay people, immigrants, minorities, people from other cultures, those living in poverty, and many other groups are compromised, it seems we could find better ways to spend July 4 than patting ourselves on the back.


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Library Photo of the Month–July 2016

This gallery contains 5 photos.

This month’s library is the Morrill Memorial Library in Norwood, MA.

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Dog Days

It’s been what I call hot here in the Midwest (some folks call it “warm.”) I also call it the “dog days” of summer. (Although those apparently don’t technically begin until July.)

Anyway, it’s been hot, I’ve been busy, and I’ll write another blog post soon (when I’ve cooled down.)



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Libraries Forever?

You know how I feel about libraries. But I’m happy to say that the article Has the Library Outlived its Usefulness in the Age of the Internet? supports my view.

IMG_0504You’ll want to read the whole article of course, but just to give you a hint, here are the last sentences:

. . . we are beginning to design libraries that seek to restore parts of the library’s historic role as an institution of learning, culture and intellectual community.

Any library, public or academic, able to live up to so important a role will never outlive its usefulness.

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As the author of 10 Ways You Can Earn Respect comments, respect may be an old-fashioned idea, but it still matters.

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