Library Photo of the Month–July 2015


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Making Ends Meet

Sometimes, maybe especially in today’s economy, people are unable to find work, and may have to work two part-time jobs to make ends meet. broken chainIt is no different for those working in libraries. Continue reading

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Sisterhood is Powerful

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Presto Change-O

Change is hard enough as it is! So it can be a double frogPrince-normalblow when you work hard to change something and nobody notices! Your first reaction might be “Why bother?” But I want to tell you that is Continue reading

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Keep an Open Mind

alone on couch

Since I am not an overly happy person myself, I feel a lot of empathy for those who suffer with ongoing depression. As a (retired) librarian, it is logical for me to think about and explore ways that libraries and librarians can support people diagnosed with depression and other mental illnesses. Continue reading

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Get ‘er Done!

Oh dear. You know what I’m talking about. You’re working on a project. It’s almost done, and then. . .wait, just a few more tweaks. Or. . . forget it, trash it, start all over. Or. . . Because, you know, it has to be just perfect. perfect-scoreBut does it, really?

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Back in the Swing



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We Interrupt This Program. . .

I’ve been a bit lax in posting recently. I was out of town, and away from my desktop computer, and hadn’t had time to schedule many posts to publish during that time.

MomI was away, because I was visiting this little girl who grew up to become my mom. Continue reading

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Library Photo of the Month–June 2015

Today features a look at the Seattle Public Library. This new building opened to the public in 2004.


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Beautiful Music

I’ll be at the Reedsburg Public Library later today talking about personality types and interpersonal relationships for their staff Continue reading

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