Forgive Yourself. Make it Right. Move On.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that we are all only human. tensionWe make mistakes. Would that it weren’t so, but. . . there you are. So, what do you do when you make that mistake at work, and get “called on the carpet,” so to speak? Continue reading

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Do Something Great

Do you regularly ask yourself, or others, to “do something great”? Or do you think that just getting by is good enough? Or perhaps, like me, you don’t really think about it. But we should. Continue reading

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We’re a Funny Bunch

You might enjoy 30 Things Librarians Love (from Buzz Feed). I did. Heck, I even have book-themed socks. socksAnd the photos in the post are hilarious. But, I have to say, in defense of librarians everywhere, there are some stereotypes included. Continue reading

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No Whining!

So you’re the director of a wonderful little library. Your building is beautiful and functional. Your board is smart and supportive. Your funding is sufficient. You’ve got a great collection and offer great programs. Your staff is very competent. But sometimes. . . Continue reading

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Making it Through the Storm

What do you do when you face a situation so dire, you are sure you simply can’t get through it? I bet we can all think of at least 379841717one time, whether in our work life or home life, that this has been the case.  If you’re a library director, it might be a sudden and devastating loss in funding, or a public campaign against a certain title or type of material in your collection. Continue reading

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Library Photo of the Month–April 2015

Owatonna Public LibraryFor the inaugural post of “Library Photo of the Month,” I have to choose this one of the Owatonna (MN) Public Library, where my “life in libraries” began.

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Millennials and Reading–Who Knew?

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are those born roughly during the early 1980s to the early 2000s. They are digital natives, who grew up surrounded by much of the technology that people like me (baby boomers) have encountered, learned and adapted to during our lives: digital clocks, computers, cell phones. . . . Continue reading

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When to Step Back

view from the back seatThere are times when, as a leader, you do have to step back; to “take a back seat,” as it were.  5 Reasons Why Leaders Must Sometimes Take a Backseat shares some thoughts on when and why you might want/need to do that.

Continue reading

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Not Everybody Can Be a Boss

Not everybody is cut out to be the boss. . .  Well, that should be obvious, shouldn’t it? But maybe it’s not. Lots of people are happy to be “worker bees” and have no intentions of ever being an administrator. But lots of others just “assume” one day they’ll rise to be a library director, or at some other level of administration. And that’s OK. But Continue reading

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“Just Happy to Be a Nominee”

That’s what celebrities say when they’re nominated for an award. And it is an honor. When I think about the amazing movies and people nominated for the most recent Academy Awards, I’m reminded how sad it is that only one can win in each category. I loved some of the nominees who did not win. It’s kind of like applying for a job—you can be a most amazing candidate, but there can always be someone who is just a little bit better suited, for whatever reason, and they “win” the job and you lose. That’s life I guess. Continue reading

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