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Humble, Hungry, and Hustle!

HHHYou may be a leader. You may be the library director, or head of a department, or just in charge of a certain project. Continue reading

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How Can We Help?






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Don’t Apologize




I think say “I’m sorry” too often. I say it even when I’m not sorry.



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Financial Wellness

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No, Really, I Want to Know


Managers often say that they want candid input from their teams – but then act in ways that virtually ensure they won’t get it.


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“It’s Story Time Again”

Officially, Ms. Asbury is a library clerk, checking books in and out. But every Wednesday she doubles as a parking attendant during one of the New York Public Library’s most popular programs: story time.  strollers

Long Line at the Library? It’s Story Time Again

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Library Photo of the Month–November 2015

Sequoya branch of Madison Public Library

I love the techno/loft field of the exposed ducts, etc.

These are some interior shots of the Sequoya Library, a branch of the Madison Public Library.


Cool little cutouts in the wall for book displays


Cool display units

The feel is very different from some other libraries. It is very open, and very modern and loft-like.

Here’s more about the Sequoya branch.





My friend Jessica and I enjoyed getting a tour of Sequoya from our friend Katharine.





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Come Back!

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Are They Engaged?

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