Library Photo of the Month–December 2016

A May road trip took us to several public libraries in nearby small communities. One is the charming Black Earth Public Library.

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May you find something, however large or small, to be truly thankful for this week.  thanksgiving Continue reading

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Add Value

We talk and hear a lot about how libraries provide value to their communities. But what does that really mean?

smiling adult



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Libraries are Safe Places

In the aftermath of a contentious Presidential election in the United States, many people are now fearful of being targeted because of their race, gender, sexual preference, or even because of who they voted for.

safety-pin-390354_1280In the midst of uncertainty, you may see people wearing safety pins. And you may wonder”Why?”

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“In a Public Institution, Even Minor Actions Can Have Widespread Consequences”

The Surprising Political Power of Libraries


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Feedback, not Criticism

In a workplace, whether it’s a library or some other organization, we need rules for employees, and we need to get along and work together. Really, it’s the same as in a home and family. We need to meet certain standards of behavior.

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Library Photo of the Month–November 2016

Today’s library of the month takes us to Lodi, Wisconsin.


Main Entrance

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Learning to Teach

You probably don’t think of librarians as teachers, but many of us are. I first taught what we then called “BI” (bibliographic instruction) as an academic librarian. Nowadays we call it “information literacy.” presentation Continue reading

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Librarians are the Original Fact Checkers

Needing some facts checked in the current election?

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More Meetings

You’ve heard me say it before: one thing we have in libraries is meetings. Sometimes lots and lots of meetings.



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