Be Powerful–Be a Partner!

Crowd enjoying Lucas Miller's program

Crowd enjoying Lucas Miller’s program (Photo credit: taylor library)

I’ve written before about the importance of library partnerships—personally, I think partnering with other agencies, organizations, and your community strengthen your ties to your community, and also increases your standing among tax payers.

But you can’t just phone it in.  As the post Libraries are Powerful Partners from the Librarian By Day blog states so eloquently:  “Libraries are Powerful Partners. Now start acting like it.”

To “act like it” here are some of the things powerful partners do:

  • contribute
  • realize that there are many stakeholders
  • offer support for initiatives and ideas they didn’t think of
  • are not defensive or hostile
  • are team players even when they can’t be leaders
  • contribute to the success of others

Thanks for telling it like it is, Bobbi Newman.

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1 Response to Be Powerful–Be a Partner!

  1. Bobbi Newman says:

    Thank you Cheryl. I’m glad you found the post useful. Let’s hope more people hear the messages.


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