A New Kind of Librarian

The term “embedded librarian” has been around for awhile now, but it is still relatively new, and not well understood. Embedded means rooted or planted within, and most of us became familiar with something akin to embedded librarianship when the term “embedded journalism” appeared during the 2003 invasion of Iran.

The concept of embedded librarianship seems to be more common in academic and special libraries, but I propose it is perhaps most needed in public libraries.  In the current economy, and when it is becoming increasingly popular to cut taxes, libraries all over the country are finding themselves in danger. Embedded librarianship positions libraries in the center of their communities.  meetingA recent Library Journal article Community Reference: Making Libraries  Indispensable in a New Way states: “Librarians have the power to change lives and build community—but to do this, we have to leave our desks, leave our buildings, and show the community what a powerful tool we are.”  If you haven’t thought about or researched embedded librarianship, take a look at the article and challenge yourself to consider implementing this in your library.

For more about embedded librarianship see:

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