Steven Covey, and 7 Habits (both Highly Effective and Highly Ineffective)

I’ve always aspired to be organized, a good worker and leader, and, upon occasion, impart advice to others on how to do the same.  Many times over the years, at workshops, presentations, and courses, the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey has been recommended to me.   I confess, I have tried to read the book at least 3 times, and never succeeded.  Most recently, it was suggested I read just bits and pieces of it—and I really do intend to, someday.

“Seven Habits” author Steven Covey passed away recently.  Serendipitously, a slide show exploring his seven habits as illustrated by seven successful leaders crossed my radar, as well as a post highlighting just the opposite—Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective people.  I still intend to read at least parts of his book. . . someday.  But now, armed with the Wikipedia article, the slide show, and the look at the ineffective habits, maybe I can put it off a little longer.

Which of the 7 habits do you make use of?  Are you guilty of any of the ineffective habits?

English: Stephen Covey at the FMI Show, Palest...

Stephen Covey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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