We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby (Let’s not go Backward)

As I celebrate my 40th high school class reunion, the early 1970s are much on my mind.

The public library of my youth, the library I worked at after school and on weekends, has come a long way.  The building is larger and is accessible by those with disabilities (I don’t think there was even an elevator in the 70s!).  There are computers and a web page.  There are databases available both inside the library and remotely.


Computers (Photo credit: Valley Library (Oregon State University))

My hometown library is not unique.  Most public libraries have come a long way since the 70s.  But given the current economy, and the movement to lower (or “hold the line on”) taxes, I worry that public libraries will now go backward, and some may never recover.

At this same time, as a woman who came of age in the 70s, I can’t help thinking about the Women’s Rights Movement.  But just as I worry about the effect of the current climate on libraries, I worry about its negative effect on women.

Say it with me, for women and libraries:  Hell no, we won’t go back.  We can’t.

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