Hiring the Best

writer's block - crushed and crumpled paper on...

writer’s block – crushed and crumpled paper on notepad (Photo credit: photosteve101)

I’ve got writer’s block today.  I’m also currently involved with helping a public library system conduct their search for a new director.  These two facts combined lead me to share with you to a couple of blogs that I refer to regularly.  Both share a wealth of information about workplace leadership and management, including hiring tips.

AskAManager is maintained by the amazing Alison Green.  Read this blog (and the helpful comments on each post) because well, in Alison’s own words:  “I think about management and hiring and systems for getting things done pretty much constantly. And I’m bossy, so I like to tell you my opinion. So if you’re not sure what the hell your manager is thinking, or how to ask for a raise, or whether you might be in danger of getting fired, or how to act in a second interview … ask away.”

Fistful of Talent contains “daily insights with a trace of attitude and snark” from an “all-star collection of HR and recruiting practitioners.”

Check ’em out!

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