Bringing the Library to Your Home!

I spent last week in Minnesota with my mother and sister; much of the week was actually spent in the hospital in Rochester, because my 91-year-old mother had some kind of incident, probably a very tiny stroke or seizure.  She recovered completely and very quickly (big sighs of relief).  Upon being discharged she went back home to continue living with my 70-something sister, who also has medical issues.  My mom no longer drives, and there are periods of time when my sister is unable to drive.  Needless to say, borrowing library materials is not an easy thing.  I suggest they check ask about home delivery.


books (Photo credit: brody4)

Actually I’ve suggested this many times.  This time, for the first time, my sister asks “but how do they know what you’d  like to read?  And how do they know what you’ve already read?”  Silly me, I’d never actually explained this to them.  So I explain that most public libraries that offer such a service do a little questionnaire about what you’d like to read, and many also keep track of what they’ve delivered to you, so they don’t bring you the same things over and over.  Never missing the chance to expound upon my chosen profession, I also explain that if they do keep track this is an exception to libraries’ usual procedures, since this is actually a violation of your confidentiality.  But they would explain that to you, and of course, in this case they are doing this as a special service to you.  They might even have you sign an agreement that you understand and waive this right.

This conversation with my sister spurred me to write today’s post, and to do a little research on libraries that offer home delivery, and what they say about it on their websites:

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  1. Bev Rubel says:

    This is a great service. When people age, their world shrinks and shrinks, and home delivery is a great way to help keep some of the “shrinkage” at bay. There are also resources for those with special needs, such as the library for the blind, which delivers books on tape through the mail, and the book cart at the nursing home, etc. Nobody should be without a book if they want one!


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