Breaking up Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard to Do

I recently blogged about the hiring process.  Today’s post takes a look at one of the opposite ends of the spectrum.  No, not firing, but that moment when a valued employee moves to a new position.   Actually, if you do a good job hiring, chances are your good employee will move on. . . someday.  It may be sad, but it is to be expected.  And really, despite what you may think (and what many people may think about themselves), nobody is completely irreplaceable.  That is, every good employee brings different talents to the table.

So when one of your best employees informs you they are resigning, shouldn’t your response be “Congratulations!  I’m so happy for you!  We’ll miss you!”?  After all, it is a good reflection on you—you had the good sense to see their potential, hire them, and help them grow into the amazing professional they are.   In other words, “if you love someone, set them free.”  But in many cases, bosses/managers are so upset, or disappointed, or perhaps even angry to lose a prized employee, that they actually appear to “punish” the departing employee.

Have you ever had this happen to you?  Have you ever been guilty of treating an employee this way?  My advice to you is. . . don’t.   And read “If You Love Someone, Let them Go.”  Breaking up may be hard to do—But it doesn’t have to be.

Photo © 2009 Alain Pickard,  Flickr.
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