The Benefits of Art

So here’s an interesting fundraising idea:  “The Library Lovers’ Art Auction.”

I dearly wish libraries did not have to resort to fundraisers.  And when they do, that the funds raised could be for capital campaigns, for buildings, and for “frills.”  Public libraries, in particular, in my opinion, should be funded by taxes.   But I know that more and more libraries are having to raise their own funds, and having to do more of it.  According to this article, the Lancaster (PA) Public Library has to generate more than 60% of its operating income itself.

So, read about their Art Auction, and see what you think.  Is it something you’d like to try?  Is it something you would like to adapt to your situation?  Does it give you other ideas fundraiser ideas?


Auction-13 (Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations)

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1 Response to The Benefits of Art

  1. Kathy says:

    I was in the Weyauwega Public Library on Friday – busy place! – – and they had a “7 Wonders of Weyauwega” contest. Participants paid 25 cents per vote to nominate their favorite local place and the winners were photographed and displayed in the Library. Proceeds went to funding a digitizing project of the local newspaper archives.


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