Making the Most of Your Meetings

If you work in a library, you know one thing we have a lot of (other than books and other library material), is MEETINGS.  If you don’t work in one, you may be surprised to learn how many meetings we have!

If your meetings lately have seemed to go on and on and nothing ever gets decided, consider this post from All Things WorkplaceDecide How to Decide.  Read the full post, but until you have time, here’s some of the content:

  • Agree on how you’ll arrive at decisions before the meeting begins.
  • Ask these two questions when you reach a decision point:
    • How many of you can live with and openly support this decision?
    • Who cannot–and why not? (If you don’t force the “why not?” question, you’re not going to get the discussion that could be all that you need to turn it around). Another way to word the “why?” questions is: “What would it take for you to live with and openly support this decision?”

I find this way of thinking helpful, and as is often the case, the answer is so simple.  What do you think?

First Meeting

Meeting (Photo credit: lhl)

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