Is Your Boss a Jerk?

Libraries are nice places.  And by and large, librarians are nice people.  But we’re human.  So if you work in a library, it’s possible that you may have had a bad boss, or maybe even one who is a jerk.  (It may even be possible that you yourself have been a bad boss.)

IF you do find yourself with a boss you think is a jerk, ask yourself some questions, and consider your options.  Be honest.  If indeed, the boss is a jerk to everyone you may have to change jobs (and yes, not so easy in this economy).  But if the boss is a jerk only to you, and if it is possible that you might have anything to do with that, consider what you can do to change that.  And keep in mind:

  • Never let a jerk be your excuse for poor performance.
  • Do your best for you.
  • Never let a jerk be your excuse to be a jerk.
  • Continue performing and lavish credit on everyone.

Photo © 2009 Kai Chan Vong,  Flickr.
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