Marketing for Libraries

Marketing is more than “advertising” programs and other things happening at your library, and a marketing plan is not something you do when you feel like you’ve got everything else done.  It is not (or should not be) and afterthought!

Marketing Your Library by Ned Potter in the November/December issue of American Libraries is an interview with Terry Kendrick, “guru of strategic marketing in libraries.”  Take the time to read about some of his ideas:

  • Strategic marketing planning is important, despite the time and resources it requires.
  • You must know your own library, and what you want it to be.
  • Market your library to your users’ lifestyles.
  • Understand the market.  Understand how the library looks compared with other “competing” services.

We sometimes tend to think that libraries aren’t “businesses.”  But in many cases we do have to learn to run them like businesses.  This includes marketing.

Marketing planning cards

Marketing planning cards (Photo credit: plantoo47)

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