Are you a Collaborative Leader?

And if not, why not?!  (And don’t tell me you’re not in a leadership position, either.  There is such a thing as leading from within, you know.)

Anyway, be sure to check out 12 Things Collaborative Leaders Do by Jessie Lyn Stoner.

Collaborative leaders create communities where people unite around a common purpose and values, working collaboratively to accomplish a shared vision that makes a powerful and positive impact.

Here’s just a few of those 12 things:

  • Allow leadership to emerge.
  • Ask for directions when driving.
  • Genuinely care about people.
  •  Seek out diversity.
  • Open boundaries while maintaining separateness.

Yup, pretty much common sense.  But, who doesn’t need a reminder?

Working together...

Working together… (Photo credit: Lollyman)

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1 Response to Are you a Collaborative Leader?

  1. jasminplease says:

    Loved this. I would like to think that I am, at least I am trying to be. Improving everyday! 🙂


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