Praise for Newtown Public Library

My Sunday post was really just a moment of silence for Newtown, with a brief mention of what public libraries might do to offer assistance to those trying to cope with the tragedy.

Today I am in awe of the response of the one public library that is truly on the ground in this instance, the Cyrenius H. Booth Library on Main Street in Newtown, CT.

From the article:

. . . as the community grapples with how to begin to understand and grieve, the library is also trying to become a place where children can find some peace and a chance to be themselves for a bit in an otherwise upside down world.

“We’re thinking that parents can bring their children here, just as a diversion and to get them out of the house,” [Janet] Woycik [library director] said.

[The library] didn’t want to publicize the details of what the library will set up for children this week.

“We need a place where children can come, and not be bothered by reporters and people seeking information. Just a neutral place they can come where they can feel normal in an abnormal situation.”

Thank you, Cyrenius H. Booth Library.  I’m sure Newtown thanks you too.  I am so sorry for your loss.


Rainbow (Photo credit: homer4k)

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