Locally Grown at the Library!

Here  (American Libraries, November-December 2012) is a great article on providing local music offerings at the public library.

From the article: “People want locally grown food, locally made handicrafts, locally created products. Now is the best time for libraries to join that movement and provide space in their collections for local content, particularly local music. These collections are a plus for libraries in terms of economics, partnerships, and plugging libraries into the local creative ‘scene.'”

You can do this by adding the music of local artists to your collection, blogging about the local music collection (and/or highlighting it in social media), and even by hosting concerts of local musicians.  You could even sponsor “locally grown” events which highlight local authors, artists, musicians, etc.  What a great idea and opportunity!

Here are some libraries (and their music programs) highlighted in the article:

To this music lover the possibilities seem almost endless.  Have fun!

notes and taff


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