Sometimes The Old-Fashioned Ways Work Too!

Here’s a great post about word of mouth marketing.

The author explains how, when ticket sales for a library event were nowhere near what they had hoped, she sat in the library lobby and talked to everyone who entered about the upcoming event:

“Hi, how are you today?  Did you hear about our event?”  And, guess what?  Most people I talked to had no idea!  And my stack of tickets started to get a little smaller.  Not everyone was interested in the event I was promoting.  But almost everyone was interested in being greeted, in being acknowledged, in talking about something.

Yes, they had used all the standard methods and social media to promote the event, but in the end, there came an “aha” moment, when good old-fashioned word of mouth got the message out.  So maybe the message here is, go ahead and try all kinds of ways, new and old, to market the library and your events.  But don’t forget to use one of the oldest—which may sometimes be one of the best!


shadow-step (Photo credit: atypicalblog)

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