Libraries and Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is definitely a role that libraries can play in the lives of our users.  Lori Reed‘s interesting post on this topic makes some excellent points:

The world we live in requires constant learning and as libraries we are poised to become the center of lifelong learning in the community. . . What can we do to teach the people in our communities not only the skills they need to find a job but the skills they need to develop a passion for lifelong learning? . .   We must all be prepared to prepare and adapt to the exponential change that technology and global communication brings.

Indeed, “Lifelong Learning” is one of the Strategic Planning for Results (ALA’s  standard strategic planning model) service responses. In a time and world where communities are changing, as well as what they need from their public libraries, the ability to foster lifelong learning seems like a logical choice.


Thinker (Photo credit: paukrus)

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