Check out These Tech Tips for Your Library

Do you think that all the information about technology is just hype or a fad, and you don’t need to use social media or new technologies in your library?  Or, do you think you’re already making use of all the technology initiatives that you can, and that your library is as successful as possible at engaging your patrons and building a community?

If you have either of these attitudes, may I politely suggest you may be wrong.  Please take a look at 10 Great Technology Initiatives For Your Library, and seriously consider if there isn’t at least one of the ideas listed here that you are not using, that you could be.

Please consider that every day more and more of the population (yes, including your patrons) are living our lives online.  If you are not using social media to its fullest potential, or some of the other tips in the post, I think you are disappointing at least some of your users.

Really, what have you got to lose?

Free twitter badge

Free twitter badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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