Heed the Wake Up Call!

I’ve been waiting to write this post until I’ve had a little more time.  Meanwhile, while I’ve been waiting you’ve probably heard or read about the comments from author Terry Deary that libraries are a thing of the past and no longer relevant.

While I’ve been waiting, others have already commented on Deary’s statements:

Mr. Deary is entitled to his opinion, of course.  It should come as no surprise to you that I don’t share his opinion, and if you read this blog, I would guess you don’t either.  But here’s the thing:  Think this kind of thing can’t happen in your community?  Do you think that your patrons haven’t read about and heard about Deary’s stance?  And that they won’t ask you to respond?  Think again.

Deary and others who share his way thinking have given us a wake up call.  Be prepared to respond when folks tell you Deary’s right, or ask you why you think he’s wrong.  Why are libraries relevant? And especially, why is YOUR library relevant?  (and while we’re at it, worthy of taxpayer support?!)

Maybe you’ve already been asked.  What did you say?

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