Content Overload

Content overload.  Here’s a topic we’re familiar with as librarians.  There is simply TOO MUCH STUFF out there, and libraries can’t possibly buy it all or make it all available.  There is also simply TOO MUCH STUFF for us to keep up with.

Max Maldre’s take on overload is interesting.  Maybe we should all be willing to learn more.

What we need is a nation that embraces learning. A nation whose corporations value learning by making it a requirement that ALL employees take classes at least once a year. We all claim that our children need a better education. Why stop learning when you graduate? As we do our jobs, we need to learning all the time.

A company will improve if it’s employees each do a better job than what they’ve done before. If we are all able to excel, then our country will excel.

Well, you know me, I think all library employees should keep learning, and should make use of at least one learning opportunity each year (not necessarily a class.)

What do you think?

information overload

information overload (Photo credit: verbeeldingskr8)


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1 Response to Content Overload

  1. mattmaldre says:

    Thanks for linking to and quoting my blog post! 🙂 One thing to watch out for with an emphasis on learning, is that we also have an emphasis on doing. We can stuff our brains all we want, but ultimately, we need to make as well. And I think that’s where corporations have it mixed up. They focus so intently on the making part, that they forget the learning part. In fact, the making becomes such an overfocus, it’s not even productive making anymore. If one is able to not only supplement their making with learning, but to go beyond supplication and make learning an equivalent to making; then our making will be so much more innovative and productive in the long run.


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