Listening to Your Community

I didn’t know that the library vendor Demco offers an online newsletter on their site.  I thought the article 5 Steps to Redefining Your Library was really well done.

It talks about surveying your community in a variety of ways:  “Leave your library. Go into the community and host forums in popular venues; meet with community leaders; conduct surveys in your library, on your web site, in partnership with local businesses, agencies and schools. The goal is to gather real-world, unbiased information.” Great advice!  And then, what to do with what you learn?  The article covers that too!–ending with “create lifelong library users”:

Your library has much to offer. Don’t leave it to chance for your community to find you. Reach out and bring them in your doors. Once there, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover your rich array of programs, services and spaces that will keep them coming back time and again.

Do read the article, and do see if any of the newsletter issues ring a bell with you.  Thank you, Demco!

Crowd enjoying Lucas Miller's program

(Photo credit: taylor library)

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