Something to Think About!

Two posts on being a boss, or manager, or whatever term you’d like to use, make some really useful points.

Are You Cut Out to Be a Boss by Alison Green of AskAManager cautions: “Starting to think you might be ready for a management role? Before you make the move, make sure you’ve thought through what it really takes to be a manager. Parts of the job are painfully hard, and the role isn’t for everyone.”

So do think about some of those hard things, and whether want to, or will be able to not only do them but do them well.   Things like:

  • deliver criticism and have tough conversations
  • make hard decisions about goals and priorities
  • exercise authority with people older and more experienced than you
  • represent the company even though you might disagree with a decision from above

Though it’s a different take on being a boss, 10 Ways You’re Annoying Your Employees describes “10 of the most common ways that managers frustrate and annoy their employees.”  It’s also by Alison Green—she gets around! This list includes:

  • not being clear about what you want
  • not dealing with problem employees
  • not understanding what it takes for your employees to get their jobs done
  • not keeping your word
Small scream

Scream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, do you think you’re cut out to be a boss?  Do you think you can not annoy your employees?  Good for you!  Go to the head of the class!







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