Why do You Think We Call it Buy-in?

I find the post Persuasion and Sales: Sure You Can from All Things Workplace intriguing and informative.

The thrust of the article is simple.  Many of us say we would never want to, and could never be, in sales.  And yet, many of us really are “in sales,” it’s just a different kind.  Why do you think they call it “buy-in?”

Think about it, how many times a day are you using your considerable skills of persuasion?  Aren’t you really selling your ideas, or promoting your programs and services, or convincing of the need for a donation, or advocating for ongoing budget support?  “Acknowledge it, learn more about it, use it often, and don’t let anyone talk you into doing it differently.”  Who knew?  I guess I am sort of a salesperson, after all.


sold (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)



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2 Responses to Why do You Think We Call it Buy-in?

  1. Mary Griffith says:

    Hello Cheryl —

    You may not remember me at all. I just want you to know I enjoy your web article on each and every occasion. Although I’m not in a Director, or leadership position — it helps me keep abreast, engages critical thinking skills and occasional humor. Keep them rolling off the press. I have a file I save those I did not get a chance to read at the time of publication!


    Mary Griffith 414-364-0075 griffith402@gmail.com

    Please check me subscription, a change in email address, replacing that of mgriffith2@wi.rr.com

    How is Carolyn? Engineer, Librarian and Artist!

    On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 9:00 AM, Cheryl Becker


    • cbecker53 says:

      Hello, Mary. Of course I remember you. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. If you subscribed with a different email address, please go to the blog (I think any page) and scroll down to “follow” and enter your new email address.
      Thanks again for the comment and for following me!


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