Batter Up!

OK, confession time:  I know practically nothing about sports, while my husband is a baseball fanatic (and fan of other sports).  BUT I do know that it is baseball season. In fact, my siblings and I just went together and bought my mom a 32″ flat screen TV, so that she can see better when she watches “her” Twins play.  (And yes, being a mom, she was “mad” that we spent our hard-earned money on her.)  But I digress.


Baseball (Photo credit: mathewingram)

The thing that baseball has in common with libraries, and with management, is: TEAMS.  Library staff have to work as a team.  And library leaders/managers have to know how to build their teams, foster teamwork, and lead their teams to success (or, to further develop the baseball analogy, to hit home runs—or even grand slams!)

So here’s a couple of posts about teams and teamwork:

“We work together better when we have real relationships, and it is easier to build relationships when you have face-to-face contact.”



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