It’s not Micromanaging, It’s Managing!

I guess we all dislike being micromanaged.  But the person asking this question of AskaManager, is clearly so afraid of micromanaging, he/she is hesitant to actually manage:


It is not micromanaging to clearly explain what a work product or outcome should look like, or to ask that work be done correctly, or to expect people to incorporate your feedback into their work in the future. That’s managing.


Uber management consultant Alison Green has hit the nail firmly on the head, as usual.  Be sure to read the full post.  You do need to find that perfect balance between management and micromanagement.  The goal is to get the results you need from those you manage, all for the benefit of your organization.  The goal is not to make friends, or avoid being labeled a micromanager.


Who's the Boss?

Who’s the Boss? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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