A Personal Post

Today is my mom’s birthday.  She is 92.  I’ve written about her before, but I feel the need to take a minute to acknowledge her today.



Today, I’m thinking about how she has never been an avid reader, but always liked to read, whether it was Better Homes and Gardens magazine, or a picture book before we took a nap, or her Bible.

Today, I’m also thinking about how her eyesight is failing.  She recently received an injection to help alleviate the affects of macular degeneration, and is scheduled for three more.  She has already noticed a slight improvement, and we hope that there will be more with each treatment.

Sadly, her hearing also continues to fail, so although I’ve suggested books on tape or CD, that doesn’t seem to be a viable solution.  So I’m pinning all my hopes on her eye treatments, and look forward to a day when she can enjoy reading again.  And, oh yes, watching “her” Minnesota Twins’ baseball games on TV.

Happy birthday, Mom.

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