Yes, Libraries Change Lives!

Libraries change lives.  You hear it every day.  But you must be able to point to concrete examples of how YOUR library changes lives.  Helped someone with their resumé, which helped them find a better job?  Found information on an illness, which helped someone discuss treatment options with their doctor?

Well, here’s a fabulous example of a library that changed a life:

Kathleen Lee has been a Health and Safety Associate (HASA) at the San Francisco Public Library since October, 2010. Before that she and her partner owned a painting and restoration business in Sacramento. During the recession in 2009, they lost their business and became, for the first time, homeless. Thanks to services provided by the City and County of San Francisco and the Homeless Outreach Team, Kathleen has been able tohomeless

recover from homelessness. Through her training, Kathleen was hired as a counselor at a local shelter and is now working full-time employment with the Homeless Outreach Team — the same program that helped her find housing. She continues to work as a part-time HASA at the Library.

Wow.  See How to Change a Life, (from Infoblog) and the links to the webinars and podcasts for more info.

And then go out and change some lives!

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