Help! No Electricity!

Our electricity went out for over an hour on Sunday.  Luckily, it was neither 20° below, nor 100° above.  And as it happened, I just happened to be sitting outside with Afton when it happened.

IMG_0838But as soon as I realized we had no “juice,” suddenly there were all sorts of things I thought I needed to do that required electricity.  I needed to warm some food in the microwave.  I needed to work on some blog posts.  I needed to work on the online class I’ll be teaching in the fall.  But, none of these could I do.  😦  So, I settled for reading a book for awhile, waiting for a frozen slice of bread to thaw naturally, instead of in the microwave, and then, even helping clean the house.

file0001144476253And finally, it came back on.  And I breathed a sigh of relief.  I couldn’t even have gone to the library to use a computer, because it was Sunday!  Oh well, thank goodness I had been to the library the day before so at least I had new books to read.  🙂

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