Stop the Clock!

English: The face of a black windup alarm clock

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It seems I’ve been having a little trouble getting blog posts written and posted lately.  Time management has never been my best skill, but I have always managed to meet deadlines, and usually ahead of time.  Perhaps the problem now is that there’s no one setting those deadlines, but me.  And so, hey, if I only get one blog post this week instead of two or three, who’s counting?

Well, I am.  Or, I should be.  And so, perhaps I need to review 6 Time Management Tips for Workers.  I actually do most of these things!  But it’s good to be reminded (because obviously I’m not always doing them!)  And it’s good to hold myself accountable if I don’t get things done.  And if you’re having trouble with time management (or if you supervise someone who has trouble with time management) maybe you should read this too.  Enjoy.

Oops!  Gotta run!






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