What Do You Expect?

First of all, for anyone who reads my blog who doesn’t know a lot about what library directors and library staff do—Let me make one thing perfectly clear:  We work hard.  People who work in libraries do not sit and read books all day.  It is not relaxing work. 

Library directors, and library managers, and those who supervise others, do the same things that leaders in other fields do. 

Which leads me to today’s post about this great managing tip about Setting Expectations With Your Team.  I’ve had this one on file to write about for a while, but have posted about other things for one reason or another.  Now that I look at this article, I like it even more.  One reason I like it is that in the very first paragraph it reminds leaders of the importance of planning, and communication, two things I mention here a lot!Crystal Clear teamwork



“People cannot read your mind, so to get your team on the same page as you, you must communicate your expectations clearly, in a way they can be heard, and often several times before they become internalized by others.”


Beyond that, there are some great tips in the article about the importance of setting expectations with your team, and how to go about doing just that.  

Let me know what you think! 


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