Sure, I Can Manage That Project!

Projects.  We have LOTS of projects in libraries.  Sometimes you’ll be working on a project with people you supervise.  Sometimes you’ll be working with colleagues in your library.  Other times you’ll be working on projects with people in other parts of the community, or university, or in other libraries.


When you’re in charge of a project, you’re the Project Manager.  You may be saying “I am?!  I don’t know how to be a project manager!”  If you’ve been made the project manager by your supervisor, chances are he or she thinks you already possess the skills to be a project manager.  But maybe, you just need to learn on your own.  Maybe you’ve been involved in projects before, and can remember what that project leader did right or wrong—so you can use those lessons to help you.


And, you can read 7 Ways to Be a Better Project Manager When You Aren’t One.  Here’s a couple of those ways:


  • Understand what the project is.
  • Be compulsively organized.


But you want to know more, right?  So read the whole article!


Agile Project Management

Project Management (Photo credit: VFS Digital Design)






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