You are Never Too Old to Change

Here’s a great post on What Brain Science Can Teach Us About Leadership.


Studies in brain science have revealed that our prefrontal cortex provides thinking processes that allow us to override the primitive instincts that no longer serve us. It gives us the ability to make choices about our behavior – IF we are intentional.

Far too many leaders have used the excuse, “I’m too old to change. Others need to figure out how to adapt to my style.” That excuse doesn’t hold up anymore either. We now know that the human brain continues to grow and learn throughout our lives and that we are capable of changing at any point. You might not want to change, but you are never too old to change.


This is actually good news!  You have the ability to become aware of the effect of our actions and the ability to consciously consider our actions.


Thinking RFID

Thinking (Photo credit: @boetter)


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