Killer Marketing Messages

Here’s a great way to get your message about libraries in general, or your library in particular (using your library specifically is better, I think) out in a memorable way.

  • Helped XXX children learn to read (number of children’s library cards or whatever number floats your boat)
  • Helped XXX children learn to love books.
  • Gave XXX of children a head start on life.
  • There are XXX possible worlds to explore from this library (number of books).
  • Introduced XXX people to a new world. (patron library cards)
  • We have assisted in XXX job searches this year.

From Marketing Message – Public Libraries Helped 297.6 Million People in 2010 (Librarian by Day.)

Tell me, what statistics would you use in this way?

Kids at the library

Kids at the library (Photo credit: mamamusings)

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2 Responses to Killer Marketing Messages

  1. Erin Foley says:

    Worry about pro-library messages that have poor grammar or spelling. “XXX possible world’s to explore…” No apostrophe, please!


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