Simply Stated

I am not really a writer.  It is not my best skill.  Most of what I post in this blog is “borrowed” from others.  They have great thoughts and ideas, and usually, they are great writers.

A large book laying open

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One of my faults is wordiness.  I write long emails, and often long Facebook posts.  Twitter doesn’t always work well for me–I am often counting my characters and trying to figure out what I can abbreviate or reduce to internet shorthand (C U L8r, OMG, etc.)

So I am in awe of those who can say what they need to say in a few words.  (To be clear, I can use a just a few words, but then I am usually leaving out something important.)  Imagine my surprise and awe when reading A Tweet, a Blog Post, and a Profound Teaching.  The author, Jesse Lyn Stoner, explores boiling her blog posts down to their short, central messages.  Invariably, these are the length of tweets.

Can you do it?

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2 Responses to Simply Stated

  1. I think you ate a fine writer, and I love what you “borrow” and choose to pass along. It’s always useful.


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