It’s a Wonderful Life

As you know.  I am retired.  I love being retired.  But I also like continuing to be engaged with my profession, at the level I choose.   Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, professionally and personally:

I recently finished teaching my five-week online course.  I continue teaching my twelve-week course, which ends December 6.  I log in several times every day to read and comment on my students’ discussion posts.  There is also an assignment due December 4, which a few students have already turned in, so I am reading and giving feedback on those.  Every Saturday includes reviewing the next week’s content and scheduling it to be published on Saturday night.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday I go to the Fitness Center and work out for 30-60 minutes.  On Monday, as I was bending down to put things in my locker, I wrenched my back!  Ouch.  Haven’t had a back “episode” for over a year, so this was disappointing.  But it was life’s way of reminding me to do my PT back exercises, and to be more mindful of how I move and bend.  I continued to work out as usual, but modified my regimen to be less of a strain on my back.  Recovery is almost complete.

I have been coveting an iPhone for some time, even more so since I got my first iPad in September.  My cellular carrier started selling iPhones in early November, and I recently received a check for developing two online courses.  Time for my first iPhone!–which became a reality on Wednesday!  Also on Wednesday, I met with a former colleague who recently became unemployed due to major reorganization at her place of work.  I was happy to offer advice on her job search and an upcoming interview.

On Friday, I met with the new Executive Director of my state professional association, the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA).  I have been the president of the WLA Foundation during 2013, and will be again in 2014.  We have been talking about tightening up the Foundation’s role, organization, and procedures–as well as brain-storming for the coming year.  The weekend my task list included following up on my assignments from that meeting.

Saturday involved my husband and I cleaning the house and preparing for houseguests who will arrive on Tuesday on their way to Thanksgiving in Minnesota.

Throw in a haircut one day and an evening out with my hubby to hear live music another day, and there you have it–a week in the life of a happy, just-busy-enough retiree.  I guess that’s what I’m thankful for this year.  Plenty of time to sleep in, relax, do what I want and not too much of what I don’t want.   Small jobs that supplement retirement income.  Involvement, but not too much, in professional activities.

English: Oven roasted turkey, common fare for ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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