Aha, 2014!

I’m not that smart, I know.  I never think I know it all.  But sometimes I think I know quite a lot.  🙂  Still, I am never surprised when I learn something new, even when it’s something so obvious.  I love those “Aha!” moments.

So, here we go:  I’m reading a lot of blog posts and Facebook statuses about New Year resolutions.  I don’t make them.  I don’t believe in them.  But wait a minute!  How are they different from strategic planning and goal setting, really?  As a retiree, and sometime consultant/teacher/trainer/presenter, I don’t really have a formal “strategic plan” (but if you’re still working, this does NOT mean that your organization doesn’t need one!  You MUST have one!), but I do have plans/lists of things to accomplish.  Are these not my strategic goals for the year, or the coming months?  Are they not my New Year’s resolutions?


Happy New Year, and happy goal setting (or resolution-making), both personally, and for your organization!

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