Customer Service is Job One. . .

. . . isn’t it?  I mean, if not for our library users, why are we here?

Fostering a culture of extreme customer service is one of the most important long-term investments a library can make, and costs almost nothing. The returns, meanwhile, are valuable beyond measure.  (Delivering Extreme Customer Service, WebJunction)

If you, like me, and like Gretchen Caserotti, from Meridian Library District in Idaho, believe customer service is Job One, you will want to read the Delivering Extreme Customer Service post and view the webinar of the same name.

On your way to these, I leave you with some highlights:

  • Customer service is a culture, not a checklist.
  • Customer service it is at the heart of patron-centered service.
  • Customer service is driven by the capacity of all library staff to act generously on behalf of one another and their patrons.


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