What’s Wrong With This Story?

Oh dear.  I have heard the theme of the blog post Kicked Out of the Library (from Pam Librarian) before.  I have to say, I find it sad.

I understand the need for quiet spaces in public libraries.  But I also understand the need to incorporate spaces that allow for collaboration.  It can be hard in small libraries.  But can it be done? You tell me.  Can exceptions be made?

Be sure you understand how and why the story ends the way it does, and what it means for libraries.

We packed up and spent the day at Me & Ollie’s cafe where we sat on couches around a coffee table near an outlet surrounded by the buzz of the cafe. A young woman was reading a book next to us. An older man was typing hurriedly on his laptop on the other side. People were having meetings, drinking coffee, and getting business done. We were welcomed by the staff. They made us tea. And we got our work done.

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