Riding the Waves of Change

Ah, change.  It is inevitable, isn’t it.  Yet, it’s one thing to know that change is inevitable, and quite another to cope with it.  Change happens in the world, in our cultures, in our lives, and in our workplaces. In an organization, such as a library, we must change or die (or at least become irrelevant.)

Change Your Story, Change Your Organization discusses change, and how to survive and thrive amid change in a way that I’ve never heard, nor thought of, but it really resonates with me.  See if it does with you, and see if you can identify yourself and the role you play in the waves of change.  Are you a:

  • Stabilizer (focus on the current)
  • Originator (experiment with new ideas)
  • Hospice worker (help us mourn what is going away)
  • Midwife (help originators)
  • Wave rider (help us transition between old and new)

We actually need ALL of these roles.


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