This is NOT Good Service

So, I’m apparently a little late to this party.  Yes, I knew some folks, and some “states” don’t like the Affordable Care Act (abbreviated ACA, and also sometimes called Obamacare).  My own state refused federal money to expand healthcare coverage for the poor, under the act.  But I didn’t know that some states have decreed that only certain state-certified agents can help people enroll in the health care exchanges.   Guess what?—That means librarians and library staff can’t help.

I didn’t know this until I read a librarian complaining in Facebook about the fact that he wasn’t allowed to help patrons with the ACA:

Was at a staff meeting today and found out that georgia libraries are not allowed to assist in any way with educating or helping people with the affordable care act because of a new state law. We can’t use money, staff time, or library publicity to educate people about a real law.

This is wrong on so many levels.  We’re libraries, people, that’s what we do.  We help people.  We answer their questions.  Color me unhappy.

Caduceussad face

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