Brought to You By the Letter C

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter C.  And no, it doesn’t stand for Christmas.  Or Cheryl.


It stands for Conflict.   There’s always conflict, of course, but I feel like I’m aware of a great deal of conflict lately.  Perhaps because of the November elections, which made me feel I live in a pretty divided country.  Perhaps because of the ongoing events in Ferguson, Missouri (and similar events elsewhere).  Or maybe because I’m currently living in a neighborhood experiencing some conflict, on a much smaller scale.

At any rate, I don’t like conflict.  And I personally believe that there are some things that contribute to reducing and even eliminating conflict.  They also start with C:

  • Communication
  • Consensus
  • Compromise

Do I need to expand on this?  I don’t think so—I think it is very clear.  Am I oversimplifying?  Perhaps.  But I don’t think so, at least not much.


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