And the Winner is. . .

This time of year typically finds me trying to see as many of the Academy Awards nominated movies as I can (at least those that I think I’ll like).

I’ve always thought that the Oscars would provide good fodder for public programs at libraries.  Do very many libraries do this?  I’ve found a few.  What could you do?

  • “Film night” showings of previous award winners (with public performance licenses of course!)
  • Discussions of the books the movies were based on
  • Oscars party on the big night.  Show the awards TV program on a big screen, serve fancy desserts, have a red carpet, a contest with awards going to those who get the most right on their ballot.

Here’s what some libraries have done:

Embed from Getty Images

Have you done anything like this?  What have you done?  What are you going to do?


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