Burning Bridges

3225199463I wrote an earlier post about the importance of things like communication and consensus. Today I’d like to add another C to that list: Collaboration.

Though Inclined to Collaborate? You Should Be (All Things Workplace) starts by talking about the importance of collaboration between companies, it moves on to address how important it is for individuals as well. It is indeed important for us to collaborate with others at work (whether you work in a library or some other kind of organization). In very few situations can you be a “lone wolf.” An organization thrives when staff members know how to “play well with others.” You can be the best performer on your team, getting the most and fastest results, completing every task thrown at you, but if you don’t (or won’t) collaborate when required, you are not succeeding at your job. You are a liability, not an asset to your organization.

Think about it, won’t you? Are you skilled at collaboration? The manager in the story wasn’t. He didn’t just burn his bridges, he never built them in the first place.


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3 Responses to Burning Bridges

  1. Cat says:

    I’m working on it 🙂


  2. patchworkrainbows says:

    Loving the new look! X

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