Spring Spruce-Up

tulipsSpring has sprung. At least, the first day of spring is “officially” here, according to the calendar.  In Wisconsin, that means slightly warmer temps. . . on some days. On another day, we might get snow! (But I digress.) But we do forge ahead and do “spring things” anyway. For example, on Saturday, our condo association is having a block clean up. We’ll walk around our neighborhood and pick up trash, stray branches, leaves, and the like.

The advent of spring is a good time to take a look around your library and see what needs sprucing up. Want to rearrange some areas? Buy or re-purpose some furniture? Weed the collection or a portion of it?

In the spirit of spring spruce-up, I’ve been sprucing up A Life in Libraries a little bit. You may have noticed from some of my posts I’ve been taking a Blogging 101 course, which has pushed me to make some changes. I’ve done little things like change my cover photo, and background, and bigger things like adding a blogroll, and creating a Facebook fan page. (Look over there to the right, and click on “Like on Facebook:”) My plan is to share links to other great posts there, as well as A Life in Libraries posts.

And, in April, I’m introducing a new blog feature, “Library Photo of the Month.” At the beginning of each month, I’ll post a photo of a library. It may be a photo I take myself, or one I find online, or one someone shares with me; it may be an interior or exterior shot; and it may be current or historical. (If you have a photo you’d like me to use, send it my way!) This feature may morph slightly as I go along.

How are your sprucing up your life, your home, your blog, your library for spring?

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10 Responses to Spring Spruce-Up

  1. Shivangi says:

    I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Find out how to accept the award at:
    …best wishes for your blogging…Shivangi


    • cbecker53 says:

      Hi, Shivangi, and thank you. I’ve already been nominated this week, and I’m busy working on that post, so I’m not going to answer your questions as well. 😦 However, I will mention you, and link to your blog, in that post. OK?
      And thank you, again!

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  2. health4earth says:

    I live in Minneapolis, and love spring clean up. I look forward to your library posts!

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  3. handikwani02 says:

    I like the idea of sprucing up, I will take up your idea to give my blog a face lift as it were. However there are lot of things overwhelming me at present as far as blogging is concerned. Once I get over the hurdles I will follow your example. By the way I have been visiting your face book page it looks good all the best.

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    • cbecker53 says:

      There are a lot of things still overwhelming me too! I just picked and chose those things I thought I could do!

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      • handikwani02 says:

        Hi I hope you do not mind calling on your advice again. You know how we had a chat about opening a face book page to extend my brand. What seem to be happening is that every time I try to access this new page on face book I am referred to the one I already have not the one I opened to link my blog what do you think I am not doing?


      • cbecker53 says:

        Well when you go to Facebook, even if you are on your original FB page, you can go to your blog’s home page. It should be listed on the far right under “your pages.”
        The other thing is that you now have 2 ways to post. As “yourself,” and as your blog’s FB page. You can change back and forth by clicking on the little “down arrow” at the far right of the blue border at the top of FB. (To be clearer, that “border” has a search box, then your name, then “Home,” and then a couple of icons. The last 2 are one that looks like a padlock, and then the down arrow.)

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