No Whining!

So you’re the director of a wonderful little library. Your building is beautiful and functional. Your board is smart and supportive. Your funding is sufficient. You’ve got a great collection and offer great programs. Your staff is very competent. But sometimes. . . well, quite frankly, sometimes they complain. Sometimes about little things, sometimes about bigger things, some people complain more than others, 7544361624but honestly, if you hear one more person whining about why they had to work last weekend, or why they had to add the toner to the copier, you think you’re going to SCREAM!

You’ve tried listening, explaining, telling them to think positive, and everything else under the sun you can think of. Why can’t they just stop whining and do their jobs???

Please, don’t hate me for saying this, but perhaps it’s because you’re not doing yours. At least, not as well as you could/should. As the boss, it’s your job make it very clear to your staff that constant complaining is not acceptable. And How to Handle Chronic Complainers on Your Staff (from Inc.) tells you how.

So step up. Nip this complaining thing in the bud. Good luck.  (And oh, yes, if you’re not in libraries, this advice works in any kind of organization.)


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1 Response to No Whining!

  1. handikwani02 says:

    That is food for thought!


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