We’re a Funny Bunch

You might enjoy 30 Things Librarians Love (from Buzz Feed). I did. Heck, I even have book-themed socks. socksAnd the photos in the post are hilarious. But, I have to say, in defense of librarians everywhere, there are some stereotypes included. We don’t all drink tea. And although we may complain about our patrons, it’s not cool to do so. We do love leftover food (doesn’t everybody?) And we should be proud of our passion to defend the First Amendment.

Anyway, enjoy. I think it will give you a few chuckles. If you don’t quite “get” some of the jokes, ask your favorite local librarian. Or, post a question in the Comments below.Β  Enjoy!

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4 Responses to We’re a Funny Bunch

  1. I thought that was hilarious! Loved the snazzy socks and the customised trollies! Oh and the tattoo was pretty good too! πŸ™‚


  2. Cat says:

    Very funny πŸ™‚


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