We Interrupt This Program. . .

I’ve been a bit lax in posting recently. I was out of town, and away from my desktop computer, and hadn’t had time to schedule many posts to publish during that time.

MomI was away, because I was visiting this little girl who grew up to become my mom. The first day of my visit, we spent at Mayo Clinic for a full day of appointments related to her macular degeneration and the treatments she’s been receiving for it. After that, several days of my visit were spent celebrating her 94th birthday, including a lunch with my family. bday lunchAlthough my husband and dog had to stay behind at home, it was important to spend this time with Mom, and it was great to have my whole family together.  Mom wanted a steak for lunch (something she doesn’t get at the assisted living facility she lives in), and ate it all, pronouncing that it tasted very good. She was then rewarded with a birthday sundae, which she graciously shared with all of us.

I also have to share this photo Augustof Mom holding her great-grandnephew, August, 2 years ago on her 92nd birthday. I love it not only because it’s a great photo, but also because my grandfather (my mother’s father) was named August. In my imagination, I picture grandpa August holding my mom on the day she was born. I find a kind of symmetry in Mom holding August’s descendent, also named August, 92 years later.

Thanks for indulging me. My next post will return to the theme of libraries, management, organizational skills, etc. Happy June!

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4 Responses to We Interrupt This Program. . .

  1. Lovely photo of you all (you really look like your Mum), and that is a gorgeous pic of your mum and baby August too 🙂

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  2. lilypup says:

    What a meaningful photo to have of your Mom. That sort of thing is so priceless compared to all the”junk” in our lives.


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