Back in the Swing



Back before I went on that little trip to Minnesota that I told you about, I promised that I’d let you know how the library staff in-service the evening before I left went.

And the answer is: it went quite well! reedsburgAs I think I mentioned, I was at the Reedsburg (WI) Public Library. I’d guess there were about 15 staff members in attendance. They shared their snacks with me (each person had been instructed to bring their favorite finger food)–Yum! I sat in on their staff meeting. I was impressed by the staff (and here I do mean “STAFF,” not the director or assistant director, or department heads, but the real “worker bees”) taking part in the meeting by sharing details of projects they had completed: such as a new policy, a total reorganization of a storage area, and special activities and programs that will take place this summer. (Although don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed by those in management positions too!)

And yes, I told them my thoughts about Making Beautiful Music Together. I think this staff already does–all I really did was suggest some ways to tune up a bit.


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