(Guest) Library Photos of the Month

5353868607My monthly feature “Library Photo of the Month” has been very popular. These posts have gotten some of my highest number of views, likes, and comments. I’m so pleased! But I am having a little problem. I am not traveling as much as I did at one time, for various reasons. So I am running out of photos of libraries, especially libraries outside of Wisconsin. I could use your help. If you have a photo or photos of your library, that you have the rights to, please share them with me. I will be happy to share them here on my blog, and credit you with the photography. Photos of any kind of library are welcome!–public, school, academic, or other. (And if you have a blog, I will link to that too! Just let me know.)

If you are interested, please let me know in the comments below, or contact me via my “Contact” page. I’ll really appreciate it!

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